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C.P.R. School Car # 2  was not only their school, but their home. Their Dad was their teacher and their Mom, also a qualified teacher, was there not only to support her husband and keep their home running smoothly, but to give the extra help to the students when needed. Letters and speeches written by Bill and Helen Wright and memories written by their four children, Shirley, Harvey, Nancy and Chris are sure to interest anyone who loves Ontario history. Discover what it was like to live in a converted rail passenger coach car that moved along the rails from one settlement to the next during the regular school year.  The formula of teaching at each stop for a week and leaving each student with four weeks of homework was not easy. These memories are sure to paint some vivid pictures for the reader.
Learn how  and when the School Car program began, and when it ended.Never before have the written memories of an entire School Car family been compiled and published.

Meet the Wright family and enjoy the ride through history.

Price is $25.00, and it can be shipped for $6.00 postage to addresses in Canada. Postage will vary for other addresses. E-transfer and cheques are accepted for payment. To order, contact Bonnie.

Bonnie Sitter, Interview on Up North with Jonathan Pinto: Ontario’s school railcar program. CBC Listen. Jan. 25, 2021

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“On the Wright Track: Memories from C.P.R. School Car # 2 is a delightful, well written and eminently readable account of the lives William and Helen Wright and their four children. “

Bill McLeod

Our New Book!

Onion Skins and Peach Fuzz: Memories of Ontario Farmerettes

by Shirleyan English and Bonnie Sitter

Hard covered, 168 pages with over 200 black and white photos, labels, badges and more!

Hear more about our book on a recent interview on CBC here: “The best summer of our lives”.  A number of other articles and interviews related to this new book may be found here: on the Ontario Farmerettes page.

Price per book is $49.00, and packaging and shipping anywhere in Canada is $20.00. The package will hold up to 3 books for the same price.

TO ORDER: Contact Bonnie Sitter by email or by phone 519 235 1909. Certified cheques or money orders accepted. Bonnie also accepts bank e-transfers. Sorry, no credit cards. Mail to Bonnie Sitter Box 353, Exeter, Ontario N0M 1S6.  You may also contact Shirleyan English by email dandsenglish[at]bell[dot]net or by phone 519 672 1575.

All previously-scheduled presentations and book-signing events have been cancelled. Please stay safe everyone, and look after each other!

At all events Bonnie’s other books will also be available:
The Beauty and Bounty of Huron County
and Agriculture Today: A Portrait of Family Farms in Ontario
Our book is heading to the stage! Learn more about it here!

The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Huron Heritage Fund in the publication of this book


Our book is also available for purchase at the following locations:

Ace Miller’s Country Store in Exeter                   The Village Bookshop in Bayfield

Made in Huron located in Clinton                        Kingsville-Gosfield Heritage Society in Kingsville

The Cowbell in Blyth                                             Essex and Community Research Society in Essex

Maple and Moose in Blyth                                    Coldstream Library in Coldstream

Blyth Theatre Box Office in Blyth                         Indigo Books in London

The Book Peddler in Goderich                             Attic Books in London

FIncher’s Book Store in Goderich                        Coles Books in London

North Huron Publishing, The Rural Voice Office in Blyth

Juno Beach Centre

REVIEW – Paul Ciufo

“Onion Skins and Peach Fuzz: Memories of Ontario Farmerettes” provides a delightful 0-24glimpse into the experiences of young women who participated in a government-sponsored program to help with the war effort. Facing a labour shortage on farms, the government urged young women to “lend a hand”. Motivated by patriotism or a thirst for adventure, women plunged in despite being from urban areas and having little or no farming experience. Many ended up having the summer of their lives. The collected essays recount fond memories forged by the women while working hard and playing hard. After grueling days picking cherries or weeding onions, they hitchhiked to dances, went on hay rides, roller skated, or swam in Lake Huron. For some this first trip away from home sparked a passion for rural life and led to them building their lives in small communities. Some set out to contribute to the war effort and ended up meeting their husbands. Others had eye-opening experiences like working in the fields beside German Prisoners of War. Kudos to Bonnie Sitter and Shirleyan English for presenting and preserving this interesting and heart-warming slice of rural history.

Paul Ciufo is a noted Canadian playwright and librettist. His play “Reverend Jonah” was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Awards and his play “Narcisse” garnered a Governor General’s History Award. Ciufo wrote the libretto for the critically acclaimed opera “The Llandovery Castle”, and his radio drama “On Convoy” was produced and broadcast by CBC Radio.

The Painterly Touch

I am thrilled to be able to share with painters all over the world.  It never ceases to amaze me how the individual style and technique of each artist creates a whole new perspective.  See my section called Paint my Photos for many more of these wonderful examples.  Thank You Painters!

Amish Gardening Photo by Bonnie

20150910_211326-1 (2) (1)

Painting by John Redfernabandoned (1)

Abandoned House (near Thedford) photo by Bonnie
This interesting old house has now been demolished. It has been the subject matter of many works of art in a variety of media. I am so glad Debbie that you were prompted to paint it too. You have certainly captured its unique charm.


Painting by Debbie Johnson Benson