Fall Colours in Huron County

A Special Time of Year as the golds and red appear.  the maples hang over the county roads forming a canopy and a feast for the eyes.  an early snow surprised us in mid October and changed the landscape completely as the trees still had their leaves. imageimageimageimage


The Painterly Touch

I am thrilled to be able to share with painters all over the world.  It never ceases to amaze me how the individual style and technique of each artist creates a whole new perspective.  See my section called Paint my Photos for many more of these wonderful examples.  Thank You Painters!

Amish Gardening

Amish Gardening Photo by Bonnie

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Painting by John Redfernabandoned (1)

Abandoned House (near Thedford) photo by Bonnie
This interesting old house has now been demolished. It has been the subject matter of many works of art in a variety of media. I am so glad Debbie that you were prompted to paint it too. You have certainly captured its unique charm.


Painting by Debbie Johnson Benson