The Tundra Swans are Back!

IMG_7956                                                    Give me a little hug!

The Tundra Swans have returned on their migration to the Tundra. Photo near Seaforth, Ontario


Think Spring!

Blossoms at Marie's Farm_2Blossoms and Forget Me Nots photo by Bonnie at Eisert’s farm


Tim Clark captured the glow and celebration of spring in this wonderful painting.

And more photos by Bonnie which were used for studies by Tim prior to the painting above.

IMG_5126 IMG_5121 DSC_1389

A First

This is the first time I have had one of my photos used by a printmaker – in this case drypoint which is made by scratching into plastic, inking the plastic plate forcing ink into the grooves of the  plate, cleaning the surface and then printing onto damp paper with the printing press.  The pressure of the press pushes the pliable paper into the grooves and picks up the ink to show your image.

15777219370_7fa247460715963850512_03d99a9eb5_z-002Karin Alt in Perth Australia has used the drypoint printed birds on the cover and interior of her handmade book.  See MORE of Karin’s work by clicking on ‘More

IMG_1067 IMG_1073Bonnie Sitter photos

The Beauty Contest

IMG_5670The Beauty Contest   – Bonnie Sitter photo

Cows have such a connection with their eyes – you just have to imagine what they are thinking.  Through Paint my Photo I have just connected with Kitty Van Den Heuvel in the Netherlands who has made these great  sketches (click ‘sketches’ to see her website)

CowTombow7Feb2015small  KITTY CowsTombowblack7Feb2015small Kitty VDH 2 CowsTombow7Feb2015small Kittty

Jersey BKS for KittyBonnie Sitter

Mug Shot Jersey by KittyKitty's drawing  Tombow marker and a waterbrush.

Remembering Van Gogh

Last spring I photographed Marie’s beautiful Irises and now look at the wonderful painting that Linda Young has done.   It is a thrill to think that Linda who lives in Staffordshire England was inspired by my photo (and Marie’s flowers) but I also think she must be influenced by Van Gogh.  Irises by BKS(1)Bonnie’s photo

Irises  by Linda YoungLinda Young’s painting